Calendar Labels and Icons

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Calendar Labels and Icons

Dayforce might show several labels on your schedule.

Schedule labels and icons in the calendar
Label/Icon Description
Calendar with the selected day highlighted in blue. The selected day is highlighted in blue.

Calendar day with unconfirmed on-call shift. Calendar day with confirmed on-call shift.

A telephone icon appears for on-call shifts. The icon is different depending on whether the on-call shift is confirmed or unconfirmed.

  • Unconfirmed: Telephone icon with a question mark.
  • Confirmed: Telephone icon with a checkmark.
Calendar cell with a green label marking an approved time away period for training. Calendar cell with an orange label marking a pending time away period for vacation.

Approved days off are labeled in green. Days off that are pending approval are labeled in yellow. Different reasons for time away have different icons.

Shift with the up arrow icon indicating the employee is offering to give it away. An up arrow icon appears on shifts that you can offer to another employee.
Shift with a down arrow icon indicating that a shift is available to pick up.

A down arrow icon appears on shifts that are available to pick up.

Yellow holiday label on a calendar cell marked New Year's Day. Holidays are marked on the schedule with yellow labels.
Shift on the calendar with the blue figure icon. A blue figure icon appears on shifts that contain activities or tasks. Hover over the icon to view more information about the task or activity.

Speech balloon icon indicating a manager added a comment to a shift.

A speech balloon icon appears on shifts with comments. Hover over the icon to view manager comments. Comment replies are labeled with an overlapping speech balloon icon. Hover over the icon to view a reply to your comment.

Calendar cell containing the blue building icon.

A blue building icon appears on shifts that are scheduled at your secondary location. Hover over the icon to view the secondary location’s name.