Bid on Vacation Periods

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Bid on Vacation Periods

If configured, you can bid on vacation periods in Work > Calendar and Work > Time Away List. Vacation bids are submitted as typical time away from work (TAFW) requests. When you select the appropriate TAFW reason in the Create Time Off Request slide-out panel and specify eligible dates in the Start and End fields, Dayforce shows your rank in the bidding order to indicate that the period you selected is available for vacation bidding:

Create Time Off Request panel with the Bidding Order information highlighted.

Note: Vacation bidding in Dayforce supports only full day and multiple day time away periods. You can’t bid on a partial day or half day.

When Dayforce shows your bidding order in a TAFW request, the request is designated as a vacation bid and will be processed as such (that is, it won’t be routed to your manager or supervisor for approval). When a vacation bidding submission round ends, Dayforce processes all bids and approves or denies them based on the number of available vacation days and the predefined employee bidding order.

Additionally, when you select a TAFW reason in the Reason drop-down list that is linked to a vacation bidding session, Dayforce might show additional information and bid requirements in the Create Time Off Request slide-out panel. For example, if you’re participating in a sequential bidding session where each employee is given a scheduled time to submit bids (a bidding window), Dayforce shows information about your bidding window, including its date and time and whether it’s active. Further, if your organization has configured your vacation bidding session to support only vacation periods that start on specific days (such as a Friday) or are specific lengths (such as two days), Dayforce shows these requirements in the slide-out panel:

Create Time Off Request panel showing bidding requirements above the request settings.

To submit a regular TAFW request that isn’t designated as a vacation bid (if available), select a time away reason in the Reason drop-down list and an eligible period using the Start and End fields. If the Bidding Order label doesn’t appear in the slide-out panel after you select a time away reason and specify a period, the time away request is standard and not considered a vacation bid.

You can view eligible dates for vacation bidding in Work > Calendar, using the Bidding Calendar View. Additionally, if configured, you might receive notifications that indicate when your bidding submission rounds begin and end, as well as notifications that inform you of the statuses of your bids.

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