Benefit Enrollments

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Benefit Enrollments

The Overview tab shows a list of enrollments available to you in the Enrollments section. When enrollments become accessible to you or when your dependents are going to reach the maximum age limit in the benefits enrollment, you'll receive a notification in the Messages section of Message Center. If you have a valid email address on file and you have enabled alerts for that address, you'll also receive notification by email.

Note: You won't receive an automated notification for enrollments that only allow you to add or update retirement contributions.

To see recent updates to your enrollments, click Refresh. To select an enrollment, click Start Enrollment or Continue Enrollment.

Benefit enrollments are guided processes that take you through the steps of electing options. Your annual enrollment, in which you elect all of your benefits for the year is usually available for a relatively short period of time, such as two weeks or a month. Life Event enrollments show up in the Enrollments section when you have updated your employee record to reflect a significant change in your life, such as the birth or adoption of a child. Enrollments in which you can update your 401(k), RRSP, or pension scheme contributions are often available all of the time.

Depending on how the enrollment is configured by your benefits administrator, you might see all or some of the sections described in the topics in this section.