Beneficiary Information

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Beneficiary Information

The Beneficiary Information screen shows your dependent and beneficiary information. A beneficiary is a person you designate to receive the benefits from your insurance plans. Dayforce saves the beneficiary information for beneficiary designations in life and disability, and retirement plan options.

In the Dependents section, you can view any dependents that you added, edited, or removed in the Dependent Information screen. Removed dependents show the Removed tag next to the dependent name. However, they appear in the Additional Beneficiaries section without the Removed tag. If needed, you can remove the beneficiary information in the Additional Beneficiaries section.

Note: You cannot add, edit, or remove dependents in the Dependents section.

You can add, edit, and remove beneficiaries in the Beneficiary Information screen based on the access authorization set for your role:

  • To add new beneficiaries to the enrollment, in the Additional Beneficiaries section, click Add Beneficiary. If the beneficiary's primary address isn't recorded, the employee's address shows as the beneficiary's primary address. You can edit the primary address as needed.
  • To edit the beneficiary details, in the Additional Beneficiaries section, click Edit next to the beneficiary's name. To remove beneficiaries from the enrollment, in the Edit Beneficiary screen, click Remove. Any additional beneficiary that you remove shows the Removed tag next to the beneficiary’s name.

When you click Continue in the Beneficiary Information screen, if you don't enter all of the required beneficiary details, Dayforce shows an error next to the beneficiary's name. You must fix the errors to proceed.

When you submit the enrollment, Dayforce updates the beneficiary information in the employee profile after the workflow assigned to the enrollment is complete.