Authorize with a Period Authorization Policy

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Authorize with a Period Authorization Policy

Period authorization policies automatically authorize all days in a pay period without you having to review each record individually. If a period authorization policy is configured for your organization, you might not need to authorize your timesheet records in Employee Timesheet. Shifts that were automatically authorized by Dayforce show the manager authorization icon () on the shift cell. When you hover the cursor over the icon, Dayforce shows a tooltip indicating that the shift was automatically authorized:

Shift cell with the cursor hovering over the manager authorization icon with a tooltip.

Additionally, if period authorization is enabled, the Audits panel is split into two tabs:

  • Shift: Shows the standard audit information for shifts on the timesheet.
  • Authorization: Shows information about authorized and unauthorized actions and information about unauthorized periods, and allows you to quickly accept or reject unauthorized periods:
  • Audits panel showing the Authorization tab with one authorization record in the list.

Depending on how your time entry policy is configured, you might be able to edit or unauthorize timesheet records (for example, shifts or pay adjustments) that Dayforce authorized. Additionally, depending on your configuration, timesheet records might become unauthorized after you edit them. If this functionality is enabled for your organization, Dayforce either reauthorizes the timesheet record after you save your changes or unauthorizes the record.