Approval Process for Self Review

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Approval Process for Self Review

If an approval process is linked to your self review, when you submit it Dayforce displays a message to inform you that the review will be pending approval.

If your review isn't linked to an approval process, Dayforce displays a standard confirmation message.

Pending Approval Status

When you submit a self review that is linked to an approval process, the review enters the Pending Approval status. When the review is pending approval, Dayforce sends an approval request to the designated approvers (for example, district manager, HR manager).

Review Form Pending Approval

When you open a review form that is pending approval, the content is read-only and cannot be edited. Also, Dayforce adds the Approval Process section to the bottom of the review form. This is a read-only section that displays a timeline of the actions that occur during the approval process.

When the review form first enters the pending approval step, an action is added to the section to show that you submitted the review for approval:

Review form with form submitted action.

When a user approves the review, an approval action and any comments are added to the Approval Process section of the review form:

Review form with approval action.

If there are more approvers configured in the workflow process, Dayforce sends the review form to them for approval.

After Approval

After the review has been approved, Dayforce sends you an approval notification. At this point, the review exits the pending approval step and enters the next step in the standard review process.

Dayforce continues to display the Approval Process section at the bottom of the review form for your reference.

Review Rejected

If an approver decides to reject your review, Dayforce sends a notification to Message Center and Home. The user who rejected the review is displayed as the message sender. The message includes a read-only version of the review form, and you cannot alter any content of the review. Also, at the top of the review form (above the review title), there is a note to indicate that the review is still pending approval:

Review that has been rejected and is still pending approval.

When you scroll to the bottom of the form, you can add supporting comments to the Response field and click Resubmit or Withdraw:

Response field with comments.

If you open the review form in Performance, Dayforce displays the same options as described above.

Note: Your organization can configure the approval process so that Dayforce immediately sends the review back to the self review stage, instead of allowing you to resubmit or withdraw the review.

Resubmit Option

As described earlier, when a review is rejected and sent back to you, it still has the Pending Approval status. This means that you cannot edit it. As a result, you would only use the Resubmit button to resubmit the form with new comments. For example, the approver might ask for more information about why you assigned yourself a certain rating.

When you resubmit the review form, Dayforce submits the same review as before. It also adds a resubmit action and your new comment to the Approval Process section.

The application sends the review back to the approvers. They can accept or reject the review based on any new comments they added. If they accept, then Dayforce adds an accept action to the Approval Process section.

However, if they reject, then the review is sent back to you in a new notification message. In this case, you can once again have the option to resubmit or withdraw.

Withdraw Option

If you click Withdraw, the review exits the pending approval step and returns to the self review step. A withdraw action, along with any comments, are added to the Approval Process section.

At this point, you can only access the review in Performance, where you can make any edits and submit the review again. When you submit the form again, a new approval process is started. Your submit action is added after the actions from the previous approval process.