Approval Process for Manager Review

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Approval Process for Manager Review

Your review remains in the Pending Approval status while you are waiting for the manager review. There is no action for you to take during this time.

When you open the review form, it's read-only. Moreover, Dayforce displays the Approval Process section at the bottom of the form. Here, you can keep track of the actions that have occurred on the approval process.

Your organization decides whether you as an employee can see any comments that users add during the approval process. If they disable comments, you can still see the actions that took place, without the comment, as shown in the following screenshot:

Approval process section showing actions.

After the manager review form has been approved, the review enters the next stage. For example, if the manager review step is followed by the employee signature step, then the review enters the employee signature step. In this case, Dayforce sends a notification to inform you that the review is pending your sign-off.