Align Existing Goals

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Align Existing Goals

In addition to creating new aligned goals, you can also align two existing goals. When existing goals are aligned, Dayforce displays the name of the parent goal in the goal panel:

Parent goal in the middle of the goal's details.

Click the name of the goal and Dayforce displays a tooltip with the alignment details:

Tooltip displayed when you click the name of the aligned goal.

To align a goal with an existing goal:

  1. Go to Performance and click the Goals tab.
  2. Select the goal sub-tab that contains the goal you want to align with.
  3. Expand the goal panel, and then click Align. Dayforce opens a dialog box in which you can select the goal that you want to align with.
  4. Select the goal that you want to align with.
  5. Note: You can use the Period and Goal Type drop-down lists to filter the list of available goals. Depending on your user role permissions, you might not be able to align with organizational goals.
  6. Click Save.