Add or Edit Skills in Career Plans

Employee Guide

Add or Edit Skills in Career Plans

In the Career Explorer feature, you can add or update the skills in your career development plans. These skills provide a target for the plan and help you to track your progress.

When you open the details for a plan, the Skills required to succeed section is automatically populated with the skills required for the associated opportunity or the skills that you indicated that you want to improve. This section also displays an analysis of each skill, letting you know which skills you already have and which skills you require. It might also tell you which skills you'll need to increase your proficiency for (if proficiency information is available).

To add or edit the skills in a development plan:

  1. Go to Career Explorer.
  2. In the My career plans section, find the plan that you want to add activities to, and then click the card to view the plan details.
  3. Click Edit skills, and then do the following, as needed:
    Actions for skills

    Add a skill to the plan

    Do one of the following:

    • Click a skill in your existing skills list.
    • Click Add a skill, search for a skill, and then click the Add skill button.

    Select your current proficiency level and your desired proficiency level for the skill, and then click Save.

    Update a skill in the planClick the edit icon, update the proficiency levels as needed, and then click Save.

    Remove a skill from the plan

    Click the edit icon, and then click Remove skill.

    Note: You can't remove skills that are associated with completed activities in a career development plan.