Add Pay Adjustments

Employee Guide

Add Pay Adjustments

If you're granted the necessary permissions to record pay adjustments in Work > Timesheet, the Add Pay Adjustment and Add Amount Pay Adjustment options appear in the drop-down list:

Drop-down list showing the Add Pay Adjustment and Add Amount Pay Adjustment options.

To add a pay adjustment:

  1. Go to Work > Timesheet and load the appropriate period.
  2. Select a timesheet row, click the down arrow to open the drop-down list, and do one of the following:
    • To add an hours-based pay adjustment (for example, three hours of sick time), select Add Pay Adjustment.
    • To add an amount-based pay adjustment (for example, a $10 pay adjustment), select Add Amount Pay Adjustment.
  3. Dayforce adds a row at the bottom of the shift, separated from the work details by a dotted line.
  4. Select a pay code.
  5. In the Hours column, specify the number of hours or the pay amount:
  6. Sick time pay adjustment segment below a timesheet row marking worked time.
  7. Note: When you enter the amount for amount-based pay adjustments in the Hours column, Dayforce automatically adds the dollar sign to indicate that it's a dollar amount.
  8. Click Save.