Add Conversation Categories

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Add Conversation Categories

Before You Begin: Conversation categories are configured in Performance Setup > Conversation Setup.

Conversation categories are used to group conversations in Performance based on their content (for example, career development or performance feedback). When you add new conversation in Performance, you must assign a conversation category to the post.

You add categories to conversations in Performance using the Category drop-down list. Select the category that reflects the content of the conversation, and then click Post.

Please note the following about adding categories in Performance:

  • If there are no categories configured in Conversation Setup, the drop-down list isn't displayed.
  • Categories are displayed according to the effective dates configured in Conversation Setup.
  • If the Category field is displayed, it's mandatory. The Post button is grayed out until you select a category from the drop-down list.
  • If you add a child conversation, it's automatically put in the same category as the parent conversation.
  • Any conversations added prior to updating to Release 51 don't require a category. To view these conversations, the Category filter must be cleared in the Filter panel.