Add Activities to Career Plans

Employee Guide

Add Activities to Career Plans

In the Career Explorer feature, you can add activities to your career plans to help track the specific tasks that are needed to succeed. These activities act as a to-do list for the plan and can help you make progress and track completion in a more manageable way. If your organization uses Dayforce Learning, you can also add a course or learning plan to each of these activities to help you achieve your goals.

To add an activity to a development plan:

  1. Go to Career Explorer.
  2. Do one of the following:
    • In the What's next section, click Add activity on one of the displayed cards.
    • In the My career plans section, find the plan that you want to add activities to, click the card to view the plan details, and then click Add activity.
  1. Enter the details for the activity as follows:
    Activity detail fields

    Activity name

    Enter a name for the activity.

    Activity description

    Enter a description for the activity.

    Related skills

    Select one or more skills related to the activity. The skills displayed in this list are the ones added in the Skills required to succeed section of the plan details.

    Due date

    Enter the date that you'd like to complete the activity.

    Progress %

    Enter the progress for the activity as a percentage. For example, if you haven't started the activity, you'd enter 0. If you have started, you might enter 30.

  2. (Optional) If your organization uses Dayforce Learning, click Add course or learning plan and then add a course or learning plan to the activity. See Add Learning to Career Plan Activities.
  3. Click Save.