About This Guide

Employee Guide

About This Guide

This guide is appropriate for all employees, whether they are managers or individual contributors. In it, you will learn how to complete common employee tasks, such as filling in your timesheets and requesting time away from work.

Note: The content of some of the new or updated features in this release might not yet be localized for French or for the other languages supported in Dayforce. Translation efforts for this content are ongoing. Also, because Dayforce is highly customizable, some of the features and options discussed in this guide might not be visible when you access Dayforce. If this occurs, please contact your organization's Dayforce administrator for more information.

Logging a Dayforce Support Case

When you log an issue with Dayforce Support, be sure to select Dayforce Application Support and the correct feature area and category to ensure that the case is routed to the correct support team.

To log a support case:

  1. Go to Dayforce Support:
  2. Dayforce Support site.
  3. Click Problem or Question? and then click Create Support Case.
  4. Select Dayforce Application Support.
  5. Enter a Case Subject and Case Description.
  6. For Area and Category, select the feature you're working with.
  7. Enter other details as needed, and then click Submit Case.