Determine Which URI to Use

Dayforce SOAP Web Services Developer Guide

Determine Which URI to Use

Dayforce hosts multiple versions of this service to support multiple customers. To determine which instance of the service to use, you must first call the following method:

GetClientSiteUri(string companyName)

You must call this method at least once a day if you store the URI returned from this method. Alternatively, it can be called prior to every time you authenticate with the service.

When calling this method, your client proxy should communicate with the root service located at:

Customers with client-specific URLs must replace the domain portion ( portion of the URL above with the domain used to access their Dayforce application. The client- and version-specific URI returned from this service will look very similar to this root URI, but will likely have a version number embedded within it.

Sample Code – Acquire Client Site URI

Sample code of client site URI.