Check for Errors

Dayforce SOAP Web Services Developer Guide

Check for Errors

All methods on the API return an instance of a DFError class. This class includes both a numeric error code and an error message.

Possible Numeric Error Codes

  • public static int None = 0;
  • public static int UnexpectedError = 1000;
  • public static int ConfigurationError = 1001;
  • public static int AuthenticationError = 1002;
  • public static int AuthorizationError = 1003;
  • public static int ValidationError = 1004;
  • public static int InvalidSessionError = 1005;
  • public static int IpAddressRejected = 1006;
  • public static int MaxRecordsExceeded = 1007;


  • After every method execution, you should check that the error code value is 0 prior to doing any work with the actual result object that was returned.
  • The message that is returned might provide some details about how to resolve the error condition.
  • If you receive the code 1005 for InvalidSessionError, you must call the Authenticate method to obtain a new session ticket, and then you can resubmit your request with the new session ticket.