Dayforce Release Notes version 2023.1.1 Patch 16

R2023.1.1 Patch 16
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Added the ability to create ad hoc reports for segment details. You configure segments in Schedules. Segments represent a portion of a shift where the shift details change. For example, if an employee transfers between work assignments or is assigned to a different project for a portion of their shift, each change is represented by its own segment.

To support this functionality, three new entities were added in Data & Analytics > Reporting > Reports:

  • Employee Schedule Segment Audit: Shows details on the segments that an employee is scheduled to work. This entity is in the Audit & Archive category.
  • Employee Schedule Segment Labor Metrics Code: Shows details about the labor metric codes in segments. This entity is in the Plan & Schedule category.
  • Employee Schedule Segment: Shows details on segments for a given employee’s schedule. This entity is in the Plan & Schedule category.

For more information on configuring ad hoc reports, see “Report Designer” in the Ad Hoc Reporting Guide.