Log in to the app

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Log in to the app

Before you can log in to the app, you need to input the company ID that you normally use to access the main Dayforce application. On the Login screen, tap Settings to open the configuration options.

Logging in differs based on which login method your organisation uses:

  • The default login method requires a username or verified email address, and a password. If your organisation has enabled multifactor authentication (MFA), you must also set up a secondary authentication method involving text message, voice call or the Authy authentication app.
  • The single sign-on (SSO) login method requires the credentials that you use to access your organisation’s network. When your organisation uses this method, the app displays a single Log in button on the Login screen.
  • Face ID, Touch ID, PIN or pattern login methods can be used if your device has these features enabled. Your device might ask permission to save your password so that you can use these login methods.

You can also configure multiple accounts if you work at more than one organisation that uses the Dayforce mobile app.