Termination Cancellation

ConnectedPay Administrator Guide

Termination Cancellation

You can cancel an employee termination in your Dayforce Unified payroll. The following screenshot illustrates this process:

Diagram for processing a termination cancellation.

First, you must submit a support ticket for the termination cancellation, in case the ICP did not already complete the registration.

Is Dayforce your HR system of record?
Yes No
  • Update the employee's termination record to a status of active, and enter a reason for canceling the termination in Dayforce. Provide any other mandatory data that your ICP needs.
  • Upload any physical documentation that the ICP might require in Dayforce Document Management.
  • Create a termination-cancellation record in your HR system.
  • Ensure that the employee has the correct employment status.
  • Import employee records in Dayforce.
  • Verify and update the employee records in Dayforce.

Following the regular HR export, or a report if you are using an API to connect to your ICP, the termination-cancellation record is created in the system of the ICP. The ICP handles the registration as a termination cancellation, per country legislative requirements.