Send the Data Export Definition to the ICP

ConnectedPay Administrator Guide

Send the Data Export Definition to the ICP
  1. Go to System Admin > Background Jobs, and click the Available Jobs tab.
  2. In the Search field, enter Link.
  3. Select the HR Export (DF Link) background job, and click Run.
  4. In the Export Definition Included drop-down list, select the export definition for the employee that you created in step 3 in Create the Data Export Definition.
  5. Click Run. The job will queue and send the files to the ICP. After the file processes, you can click the Job Logs tab to view the status of the job. The job log will display the employee information that was exported.

After the file is sent, be sure to notify your ICP so that they know to retrieve and process the file.

Important: If you encounter any issues with the background job or require any assistance, you can submit a support ticket to ask the Dayforce Support team for guidance.