Send Payroll Input Related Documents

ConnectedPay Administrator Guide

Send Payroll Input Related Documents

You will upload your documents that are required for the payroll input file, especially any information that is not included with the integration process with Dayforce Document Management.

  1. In Dayforce, go to Documents > Document Explorer, and click Add.
  2. In the Document Type drop-down list, select <Country ISO Code> - Payroll Input, and click Next. The entity type is the pay group calendar designation that contains the country name, pay frequency, and pay date, for example, MEX - Bi-Weekly - 7/12/2021.
  3. Select the pay group calendar that corresponds to the payroll that you want to process, and click Next.
  4. Click Add Files, add the input file, and click Upload.
  5. Click Finish and then Refresh to view the file.