Salary and Other Data Changes

ConnectedPay Administrator Guide

Salary and Other Data Changes

You might need to update an employee's salary, contract, position, or other data for your employees in your Dayforce Unified payroll. First, you must determine which of the previous items that you need to change.

Is Dayforce your HR system of record?
Yes No
  • Update the employee's record according to the data changes by using the correct country-specific form, and make sure that the record includes any mandatory data that the ICP needs.
  • Upload any physical documentation in that the ICP might require in Dayforce Document Management.
  • Update the employee's record in your HR system according to the data changes.
  • Import employee records in Dayforce.
  • Verify and update the employee records in Dayforce.

Following the regular HR export, or a report if you are using an API to connect to your ICP, the employee record is updated in the system of the ICP. The ICP handles registration updates, if any, per country legislative requirements.