Quick Entries for a Dayforce Unified Pay Run

ConnectedPay Administrator Guide

Quick Entries for a Dayforce Unified Pay Run

There are several ways to add quick entries to a Dayforce Unified pay run:

  • In the Payroll > Pay Run Management or Payroll > Data Entry screens, you can add entries in the Quick Entry sub-tab.
  • In Payroll Import > Quick Entries, you can add individual entries or import entries in a CSV file.

Once added to Dayforce, the quick entry changes are sent to your payroll partner in one of two ways, depending on your configuration: 

  • As an export file through Dayforce Link secure file transfer.
  • Using the Quick Entry API.

For an overview of what Quick Entries are and what you can use them for, see "The Quick Entry Sub-Tab" in the Payroll Administrator Guide. Note that "The Quick Entry Sub-Tab" is not specific to Dayforce Unified pay groups and applies to all pay groups, and has links to documentation on specific tasks that you can perform using quick entries.

If you do not see a button, column or tab that you think you should be seeing, or if some buttons, columns and tabs appear disabled, they might be unavailable for Dayforce Unified pay groups. For more information on a specific button, column or tab, see "Quick Entry Columns" in the Payroll Administrator Guide.

To learn more about the tasks you can perform in Payroll Import > Quick Entries, see Payroll Import > Quick Entries.