Pay Runs in Payroll > Overview

ConnectedPay Administrator Guide

Pay Runs in Payroll > Overview

You can view multiple pay runs for multiple pay groups in Payroll > Overview. The Overview tab displays all current, open pay periods. You can also change the filter options to display previous pay periods, to include only some pay groups, or to display only a specific pay period for a specific pay group.

In Payroll > Overview, you can see if your ICP imported a pay run. If so, the Imported column displays Yes. You can also view the number of problems and the status of a pay run to help you easily see if the pay run is approved, locked, and committed. Filtering options are available to help you see which pay groups are loaded and the number of pay runs by clicking Favorites.

The following screenshot illustrates the Payroll > Overview with a view that is filtered to display the open pay runs for the FRA - Monthly pay group.

Payroll > Overview screen that displays open pay runs for the FRA- Monthly pay group.

Available columns in the Overview tab
Column Description
Pay Group The name of the pay group.
PPN The pay period number.
Pay Period The start and end date of the pay period.
Commit Date The day the pay run was committed.
Pay Date The actual pay date.
Imported Yes if the pay run has been imported.
Last User The name of the last user to update the pay run.
Load Contains an icon that you can click to load the pay run in Payroll > Pay Run Management.
Problems The number of information messages, warnings, or errors for the pay run and displays an icon that you click to download a summary of any problem as a .csv file.
Status The current status of the pay run. Shows Locked when the pay run is first imported. Shows Approved in gray text until the pay run has been approved, after which the text changes to green, or rejected, after which the application shows Rejected in red text.