Off-Cycle Payroll Runs

ConnectedPay Administrator Guide

Off-Cycle Payroll Runs

In your Dayforce Unified payroll, you can process off-cycle pay runs. The following screenshot illustrates the process of completing an off-cycle pay run:

Process flow for submitting an Off-Cycle Payroll Run in a global ConnectedPay project.

First, you must request an off-cycle pay run by creating a ticket in the support portal. Off-cycle pay runs have a unique payroll ID and are subject to charges, per contract. The off-cycle pay run might be subject to contract charges for any of the following reasons:

  • A significantly incorrect payment to an employee that causes employee hardship
  • Legal or local registration legislation for new hires or terminated employees
  • An advance run (Brazil and Russia only)
  • A bonus or commission run
  • An RSU, also known as an adjustment run

Next, the ICP will work with you to define the criteria for an off-cycle run during implementation. The ICP will document these criteria in the service manual. Finally, the ICP will run the payroll-close process.