No Shows

ConnectedPay Administrator Guide

No Shows

In your Dayforce Unified payroll, you can remove new hires in your organization who do not report for work. The following screenshot illustrates the process for removing no-shows from your system:

Diagram for processing no-shows in a global project.

You must notify your ICP in a support ticket of the no-show, in case the ICP did not already complete the registration.

Is Dayforce your HR system of record?
Yes No
  • Create or update the no-show record in Dayforce that includes any mandatory data that the ICP needs and by assigning a status of canceled to the employee.
  • Upload any physical documentation that the ICP might require in Dayforce Document Management.
  • Create a no-show record in your HR system that includes assigning the correct status.
  • Import employee records in Dayforce.
  • Verify and update the employee records in Dayforce.

Following the regular HR export, or a report if you are using an API to connect to your ICP, the no-show record is created in the system of the ICP. The ICP handles the registration as a no show, per country legislative requirements.