New Hire

ConnectedPay Administrator Guide

New Hire

One of the employee data changes includes processing a new hire. When you create a new-hire record in Dayforce, you and your ICP must follow a process to successfully process your new hire. This process is illustrated in the following screenshot:

Process diagram for submitting new hires as part of the global Dayforce managed payroll processes.

First, determine whether or not your organization uses Dayforce as its HR system of record. After you determine that, follow the internal policies of your organization to process the new hire.

Is Dayforce your HR system of record?
Yes No
  • Create the new-hire record in Dayforce by using the country-specific New Hire form. See Add a New Hire.
  • Upload any physical documentation that the ICP might require in Dayforce Document Management.
  • Create the employee record in your HR system of record.
  • Ensure that the employee has the correct employee status.
  • Import employee records into Dayforce.
  • Verify and update the employee records in Dayforce.

Following the regular HR export, or New Hire Report if you are using an API to connect to your ICP, the new-hire record is created in the system of record of the ICP. Finally, the ICP sets up the employee's taxation profile, tests the taxation setup, transmits country-specific starter declarations, and submits mandatory government notifications that local legislation requires. If you are using the employee self-service of your ICP or your manager self-service, that access is set up, and the new hire receives a notification.

Important: Be sure that you understand each country's new hire registration legislation, how your ICP handles it, and how your integration is configured. Your understanding of these items can affect how the pre-start status affects your integration. Remember that you must punctually enter all required data for an employee. Otherwise, you might be subject to fines if you do not complete new-hire registrations punctually.