General Ledger

ConnectedPay Administrator Guide

General Ledger

Your ICP can create a general-ledger file for you each pay period and then upload the file to Dayforce Document Management, where you can retrieve it. The following screenshot illustrates this process:

Process flow for creating and submitting a general-ledger file.

The ICP always creates a separate general-ledger file for every pay run, including off-cycle pay runs. Next, the ICP uploads their general-ledger file to Document Management.

Then, be sure to download the file from Document Management. Next, you must submit the downloaded general-ledger file by using your external finance system. Periodically, customers change their chart of accounts. If your chart of accounts did not change, you do not need to take any action, unless you only require a change to the system configuration of the ICP system or to the ICP system and Dayforce. If you need to change your chart of accounts, the ICP must make the change in their system to support the general ledger. Therefore, you must open a support ticket that the Dayforce US, Inc. support team will review. The support ticket contains the details of the changes. The ICP will manage the ticket and make all of the necessary changes.

You can also choose Dayforce to generate the general-ledger file by running the Payroll GL Export background job. See “Schedule the Payroll GL Export" in the Dayforce Implementation Guide.