Employee Transfers

ConnectedPay Administrator Guide

Employee Transfers

Depending on the type of employee transfer, the required actions that you must take will vary. Some transfer types might only require a pay-group change in the employee's record, and others might require the termination of an employee in the current pay group and a rehiring of that employee in a new pay group.

To determine the correct action to take according to the transfer situation of your employee, consult your ICP so that you are compliant with your country's legislative requirements. If you are using Dayforce Link for integration, you must create a data export definition for the employee who will be transferred and send the data export definition to your ICP, as described in the following topics:

Is Dayforce your HR system of record?
Yes No
  • Update the employee's record according to the transfer requirements. If the record involves a termination and processing a new-hire or rehire or if it involves an update to the employee's record by using the Transfer reason code, make sure the record includes any mandatory data that the ICP needs.
  • Upload any physical documentation that the ICP might require in Dayforce Document Management.
  • Create a transfer record in your HR system according to the transfer requirements. Be sure to create the record, even if the transfer involves terminating an employee and processing a new-hire or rehire record or if it involves updating the employee's record to reflect the transfer.
  • Import employee records in Dayforce.
  • Verify and update the employee records in Dayforce.

Following the regular HR export, or a report if you are using an API to connect to your ICP, the transfer record is created in the system of the ICP. If required, the ICP handles registration updates, per country legislative requirements.