Employee Data Changes

ConnectedPay Administrator Guide

Employee Data Changes

You might have to periodically update employee data in Dayforce, such as processing employee transfers, updating bank-account information, or rehiring employees. These processes require that you and the payroll provider follow steps to complete the employee data change. When you update an employee's data, the data is scheduled to be automatically sent to the payroll provider To update employee data in Dayforce, you use country-specific forms, depending on the type of data change. For example, if you create a new-hire record, you will complete and submit the country-specific New Hire Form to add the new employee in the application.

The most common Dayforce Unified forms are the New Hire, Termination, Employment Changes, Position Change, Address and Contact Details, and Direct Deposit forms. For more information about these forms and processes, see the process diagrams and tasks in the following pages.