Dayforce Unified Integration Error Handling Process

ConnectedPay Administrator Guide

Dayforce Unified Integration Error Handling Process

The following information explains how to address errors during the integration process with your Dayforce Unified payroll, regardless if you are using Dayforce Link or the API.

Depending on if you are using the API or Dayforce Link, the Dayforce Unified integration type determines the error-handling process. The ICP payroll system automatically performs validation checks on the data and generates an audit and error log. Next, you will log in to the platform of the ICP and review the integration results. Be sure to resolve any payroll errors in Dayforce before the process can proceed. You can use the audit log for any internal audit-validation requirements. Next, if applicable, you must fix any errors in Dayforce. After you correct the errors, if your integration method is Dayforce Link, you can manually rerun the integration to send your ICP the corrected information. If your integration method is the API, your ICP will rerun the integration.

After you fix any data errors in Dayforce, you must make sure that the integration is rerun within the payroll-calendar timelines. Otherwise, your payroll processing might be delayed.