Dayforce Unified Earnings and Deductions

ConnectedPay Administrator Guide

Dayforce Unified Earnings and Deductions

If you want to add an earning or deduction to your Dayforce Unified project, you must do the following: 

  • Notify your payroll partner of the new earning or deduction. Then, they will send you the earning or deduction name and XREF code.
  • Add the earning or deduction to Dayforce using the name and XREF code provided by your payroll partner. You can add earnings and deductions to Dayforce in Payroll Setup > Earnings and Deductions.

When you set up earnings and deductions in a Dayforce Unified payroll, the available and required fields differ from when you set up earnings and deductions for a native payroll country.

See the following links for instructions on how to set up an earning or deduction in Dayforce Unified:

See "Earnings and Deductions in Payroll Setup" in the Payroll Administrator Guide for background information about the sub-tabs and fields in the Earnings and Deductions tabs. Note that the topics covered are general and not specific to Dayforce Unified.