Create the Data Export Definition

ConnectedPay Administrator Guide

Create the Data Export Definition
  1. In Dayforce, go to Integrations > Data Export Setup > HR Data Export.
  2. Find the HR export definition for your country.
  3. Click Copy to copy the standard country definition, and rename the export definition to include the employee number, for example, Brazil Data Export - Employee 123456.
  4. Remove the pay-group assignment from the Employee Export Criteria section by clicking Add Criteria.
  5. Clear the Pay Group checkbox, and select the Number checkbox.
  6. Enter the employee number of the employee who changed pay groups in the Number field.
  7. Ensure that the text in the Receiver ID field matches the original country export, that you select an export period in the Export Period drop-down list, and that the Export All Employee Detail checkbox is selected.
  8. Click Save.

Next, you must send the details of the pay-group change to the ICP. See Send the Data Export Definition to the ICP.