Create an Off-Cycle Pay Run

ConnectedPay Administrator Guide

Create an Off-Cycle Pay Run

Important: This process might vary from country or region.

In your Dayforce Unified payroll, you can process off-cycle pay runs. To create an off-cycle pay run:

  1. In Dayforce, go to Pay Admin Checklist.
  2. In the toolstrip, click Offcycle. The Offcycle Pay Export Wizard opens. Dayforce displays the Select a pay group drop-down list that precedes the choices of off-cycle types.
  3. Select the Pay Adjustments from Prior Periods pay export. This option pays out any retroactive adjustments that exits for your employees.
  4. Click Next. The application displays filter criteria that you can use to search for the employees who you want to include in the export.
  5. Select the checkbox next to the employees who you want to export. If necessary, you can then search again for a different employee. The application saves your selections, even if you apply a different filter, and it displays a count of how many employees that you selected. If you want to clear all of the selections including selections from previous filters, you can click Reset Selected List.
  6. Click Next. The application displays the employees who you selected.
  7. Click Next.
  8. (Optional) If you want to review the payroll data before you send it, click Test Transmit, and click Next. The application generates the payroll export file.
  9. Browse to the export directory, and open the file for review. The location of this file depends on how your application is configured.
  10. When you are ready to send the data of a pay group to your payroll application, select Transmit, and then click Next. The application displays the status of the off-cycle pay export.
  11. Click Finish.

The pay-group data is now sent to your ICP, who then prepares the off-cycle payroll for you. After they process the off-cycle export, they send the GPRI for the off-cycle to Dayforce. Next, you must either approve or reject this file, the same way you would process a normal payroll run.