ConnectedPay Overview

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ConnectedPay Overview

ConnectedPay is a set of forms, integrations, and processes that are built and tested with Global Payroll Partners, also known as in-country partners (ICPs), who play a crucial role in helping you to run a compliant payroll. The main components of a ConnectedPay payroll are as follows:

  • Country-specific HR forms are used so that you can capture the HR and payroll data that is required to process payroll in that country.
  • Integrations are required to send data to the ICP and receive data back. Although the number of integrations might vary by country and partner, all ConnectedPay products have a minimum of three integrations:
    • Employee HR and Demographic Data Exports sent by using the API or Dayforce Link
    • Employee Payroll Elections Data Export sent by using the API or Dayforce Link
    • Global Pay Run Import (GPRI): An import file that your ICP uploads in Dayforce. You use this file to review and approve or reject your payroll in Dayforce.

The ICP plays a crucial role in processing your payroll and offers various services. When you implement a ConnectedPay payroll, ICPs offer a technology service and managed services. The technology service is the ConnectedPay system of the ICP. In addition, ICPs provide the following standard services:

  • Employee-record setup and maintenance
  • Tax-profile management
  • Technical interfaces
  • Basic garnishment setup
  • Payroll calculation
  • Bank-file preparation
  • Tax-deposit submission
  • Social-insurance preparation
  • Social-insurance filing
  • Pay-slip processing

See ConnectedPay Payroll Process.