Configure Earnings for Dayforce Unified

ConnectedPay Administrator Guide

Configure Earnings for Dayforce Unified

Before You Begin:  

  • Make sure that you have a cross-reference code for each of the earnings that you are creating. Each earning requires a unique cross-reference code. Your payroll partner provides you with those cross-reference codes. You must ensure that the payroll partner includes the three-character ISO code as a prefix for each code.
  • Determine whether or not the earning is for an employee payroll election. For payroll elections, you select the Generated radio button.

Configure Earnings to Use in a Dayforce Unified Project

This task describes creating the Regular earning, but you can follow the same steps for the Memo Calc earning.

Important: The payroll partner must give you a unique Reference Code (XREF code) for each earning that you create to ensure that the GPRI works correctly.

To configure earnings to use in a Dayforce Unified project:

  1. Go to Payroll Setup > Earnings and Deductions and click the Earnings tab.
  2. Click Add to open the Add Earning dialog box, select an earning type, the country for the earning and, if necessary, a process for employment.
  3. In the Name and Description fields, enter the ISO code and name of the earning. For example, MEX Bonus.
  4. In the Reference Code field, enter the XREF code given to you by the payroll partner that corresponds to this earning.
  5. Depending on whether or not the earning will be used as a payroll election, take one of the following steps:
    1. If the earning is not a payroll election, continue to step 7; or
    2. If the earning is a payroll election, select the Generated radio button, and continue to step 6.
  6. If you selected Generated, take the following steps:
    1. Click the Parameters tab, and select the appropriate options. Generated earnings for Dayforce Unified can use only the calculation type flat amount or percent of.
    2. Click the Pay Groups tab, and add the appropriate pay groups to determine which employees this earning applies to.
  7. Click Save.