Configure Deductions for Dayforce Unified

ConnectedPay Administrator Guide

Configure Deductions for Dayforce Unified

Before You Begin:  

  • Make sure that you have an XREF codes for each of the deductions that you are creating. Each deduction requires a unique XREF code. Your payroll partner provides you with those XREF codes.

Configure Deductions to Use in a Dayforce Unified Project

This task describes creating the Pre Tax deduction, but you can follow the same steps for the Post Tax deduction.

Important: The payroll partner must give you a unique Reference Code (XREF code) for each earning that you create to ensure that the GPRI works correctly.

To configure deductions to use in a Dayforce Unified project:

  1. Go to Payroll Setup > Earnings and Deductions and click the Deductions tab.
  2. Click Add to open the Add Deduction dialog box and select a tax type, a country for the deduction and, if necessary, a process for employment.
  3. Click Next.
  4. In the Name and Description fields, enter the ISO code and the name of the deduction. For example MEX Loan.
  5. In the Reference Code field, enter the XREF code given to you by the payroll partner that corresponds to this deduction.
  6. Click the Parameters tab, and select the appropriate options.
  7. Click the Pay Groups tab, and add the appropriate pay groups to determine which employees this deduction applies to.
  8. Click Save.