Dayforce Release Notes version 2023.1.0

Release Date
ID Description

Added the ability to view a detailed audit trail of the changes that were made to pay policies, rules, and qualifiers in Timesheets. To support this update, the following changes were made in the Analyze Pay Rules slide-out panel:

  • Added the Advanced Audit tab that shows a detailed audit trail of the changes made to rules and qualifiers.
  • Added the Audit tab in Tracer that shows brief audit information for a selected pay rule or qualifier.

The Analyze Pay Rules slide-out panel opens after you click Tracer in the toolstrip.

For more information, see “View Audit Information” in the Dayforce Implementation Guide.


Added the ability to view the total number of work hours paid to each employee in Period Review. To support this functionality, the Total Paid Hours Column role feature was added under Period Review in System AdminRoles, in the Features tab. Assign this role feature to enable the Total Hours Paid column in Period Review for users.


Updated warning messages in timesheet features to include the date of a labor metrics violation. Now, when there’s an issue with your labor metrics, the Problems panel shows the date of the violation in the Message column after the text describing the issue.

Warning messages for your labor metric violations are configured in the Validation Error Message field for each rule in your labor metric policy. This setting is located in Pay Setup > Labor Validation Policy, in the Rules Configuration tab of the slide-out panel that opens after you select a labor validation policy.