Succession Plans

Dayforce Release Notes version 2023.1.0

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Succession Plans
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Added the ability to create development plans from the Succession > Succession Plans feature. Succession development plans can help employees prepare to take on a new role in a succession plan. To support this update, the Create Development Plan button was added in the succession plan slide-out panel.

When creating a development plan, you can include one or more activities to help identify the specific tasks that are needed to succeed. These activities act as a to-do list for the plan and can make it easier to track the plan progress. If your organization uses the Dayforce Learning feature, you can also add a course or learning plan to each of these activities to help the employee achieve their goals.

Users can only add or edit development plans for the succession plans that they have Edit access for (in the Access Authorizations section of the succession plan details). If a user has View access only, they can view existing development plans, but they can't add or edit them.

For more information, see "Create Succession Development Plans" in the Succession Planning Guide.

Role feature access

Go to System Admin > Roles and, in the Features tab, select the Succession > Succession Plans > Create Development Plan role feature.