Dayforce Release Notes version 2023.1.0

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Updated Schedules so that tardy codes are removed from the schedule and the Problems panel when you remove shifts with tardy codes and replace them with time away.


Added the ability to filter Schedules by time away from work. To support this functionality, the Time Off Type filter was added to the Filter panel. Using this filter, you can view only employees with time away or filter out employees with time away to ensure that your schedule has adequate coverage.

Role feature access: Schedules > Parameters Configuration () > Filters > Time Off Type

You can use the new Display All TAFW Reason Codes in the Time Off Type Filter of screen(s) client property to control which time away codes appear in the Time Off Type filter. When configured, Dayforce shows all of the time away codes that are configured in the application, instead of just the time away codes that are present in the loaded period. You can find this client property in System Admin > Client Properties, in the Properties tab.

The filter behaves as follows:

  • When you select the Select All checkbox, the schedule shows only employees with time away.
  • When you select specific time away codes, the schedule shows only employees with the selected codes.
  • When your role is authorized to view anonymous time away, the filter shows both anonymous and non-anonymous time away codes. You assign access to anonymous time away in System Admin > Roles, in the General tab, by selecting the Anonymize TAFW for employees with this role checkbox.

The filter also has a checkbox called Without TAFW. When you select it, the schedule shows only employees with no time away from work.

In Multi-Week Calendar, the existing Time Off Type filter was also updated to reflect this new behavior.

For more information, see:

  • "Scheduling" and "Multi-Week Calendar" in the "System Admin > Client Properties" section of the Dayforce Implementation Guide
  • "Filter and Sort Schedules" and "Filter Multi-Week Calendar" in the Manager Guide

Updated Dayforce so that you can configure schedule acceptance notifications to be sent via Message Center, email, or text message. To support this functionality, the following notifications were added in System Admin > System Notifications:

  • Schedule Acceptance – Schedule Offer Accepted
  • Schedule Acceptance – Schedule Offer Expired
  • Schedule Acceptance – Schedule Offer Sent
  • Schedule Acceptance – Schedule Offer Rejected
  • Schedule Acceptance – Schedule Offer Revoked

You can find these notifications in the Workforce Management - Scheduling & Availability section. To make these notifications available to users, you must assign them in the Subscribed Roles or Subscribed Users sections of the Subscriptions tab.

When assigned, users can manage their notification preferences in Profile, under Settings > Notifications. For example, an employee could change their preferences so that they receive a notification when their manager sends a schedule acceptance offer, but not when they revoke one.

To encourage users to quickly respond to schedule acceptance offers, the text message and email notifications contain a URL which directs users to Work > Calendar.

The following updates were also made:

  • In Work > Calendar, the Approve button was renamed to Accept.
  • Improved the Rejected Offers panel so that it's now more accessible for those who use assistive technology.

For more information, see:

  • "Schedule Acceptance Notifications" in the Dayforce Implementation Guide
  • "Schedule Acceptance" in the Employee Guide or the Manager Guide

Updated the templates functionality in Schedules for organizations that don't use segment display. Now, when you click Generate > Template, the templates panel doesn't show Fixed (Shifts with Transfers) templates.