Dayforce Release Notes version 2023.1.0

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Added an alternative attendance incident report that you can run in Attendance Management to view attendance information for one or more employees. To support this functionality, the following updates were made in Dayforce:

  • The new Employee Attendance Incidents Report was added.
  • The Reports button was added in Attendance Management so that you can run this new report directly in the feature. Previously, you couldn’t run reports in this feature.

You can generate this report to aggregate attendance incidents for multiple employees. The printable version of the report also features a page where managers, employees, and HR personnel can add their signatures.

Important: This new report differs from the existing Employee Attendance Incidents Report which you can run in Timesheets and Time Review.

To enable this report and the ability to run reports in Attendance Management, in System AdminRoles, in the Features tab, assign the Attendance Management > Reports > Employee Attendance Incidents Report to roles.

For more information, see “Attendance Management Reports” in the Manager Guide.


Updated the default parameters for the Printed Schedule Report. Now, all of the options in the following parameters are selected by default if they weren't adjusted previously for the role:

  • Show Filters
  • Show Options
  • Show Additional Details For Segments
  • Show Job & Dept. Options

This change was done to align with how the legacy Printed Schedule Report displayed options by default. To open the report's default parameters, go to System Admin > Roles and click the Features tab. Then, click Schedules > Reports and, next to Printed Schedule Report, click the parameters configuration icon ().

For more information, see "Schedules" in the "Appendix: Role Feature Library" section of the Dayforce Implementation Guide.