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Dayforce Release Notes version 2023.1.0

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Added the ability to view a list of vacant and occupied positions that are effective as of a specific date. To support this update, the Position Occupancy report was added to Data & Analytics > Reporting > Reports. In order to have access to this report, you need to have access to the Position Management feature. For more information, see "Position Occupancy" in the Ad Hoc Reporting Guide.

Further, you can now customize reports with Position Management data. To support this update, two new entities called Position and Business Unit were added to the Human Resources category in Data & Analytics > Reporting > Reports. The entities contain the following new fields:

Entities Fields
Position Position Name
Position Number
Position Reference Code
Position Description
Occupant Name (monolith Employee Name)
Occupant Number (monolith Employee Number)
Occupant Effective From
Occupant Effective To
Managing Position Name
Managing Position Number
Managing Position Occupant Name (monolith Employee Name)
Managing Position Occupant Number (monolith Employee Number)
Managing Position Reference Code
Ledger Code
Job Assignment Name (monolith Job Assignment Name)
Job Assignment Reference Code
Location Names (monolith Location Name)
Location Reference Codes
Position Activation Date

Position Deactivation Date

Business Unit Business Unit Name
Business Unit Reference Code
Parent Business Unit
Ledger Code
Business Unit Activation Date
Business Unit Deactivation Date

In order to generate data from these fields you need to have access to the Position Management feature. For more information about the new fields, see the Reporting Reference Guide.