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Dayforce Release Notes version 2023.1.0

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Added the ability to translate fields of reports to match your local language setting in the report designer. Now, reports with system field names or custom translations for a field will display the field name based on your local language in Dayforce. Reports with custom fields that do not have custom translations will continue to display the field names in their original culture setting.


Added the ability to revert a customized field name back to its original system name. To support this update, a new button called Reset to System Field Name has been added to the report designer. You can access this feature by clicking Edit in any report with customized field names in Data & Analytics > Reporting > Reports, then clicking one of the field names to open the dialog box which features the button.

Note: If a field name has a customized localization to a certain language, clicking Reset to System Field Name will remove that localization and the field name will revert back to its system culture setting.