Dayforce Release Notes version 2023.1.0

Release Date
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Updated the headers of the Form W-4P and Form W-4R printed and online earning statements with the following:

  • On the W-4P earning statement, the Federal Exemptions line was relabeled as Extra Withholding and now only shows a dollar amount. The earning statement and the Payroll Register Report no longer shows the number of exemptions.
  • If you are entering information for the Form W-4R in Payroll > Tax Definitions of People, the earning statement has a line for a dollar amount that is labeled as W-4P Extra Withholding and another line for a percentage that is labeled as W-4R Withholding %.

Also updated the tax definition fields in Payroll > Tax Definitions in People. In the Federal Tax Info section, the 2 - Two Jobs checkbox is no longer available. However, a new field is available, 2biii - Total Income & Addl Pension. Here, you can specify an amount for total taxable income and total annual taxable payments from pensions or annuities.

For information about adding federal tax information, see "Add Federal Tax Info for US Employees" in the Payroll Administrator Guide.


Updated Dayforce to make the internal logic of registering for a Dayforce Card or a Comdata payroll card independent of each other. Unlinking the registration logic reduces the number of errors that could occur when issuing a Comdata pay card for an employee who has only partially completed their Dayforce Card registration.