Pay and Payroll Setup

Dayforce Release Notes version 2023.1.0

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Pay and Payroll Setup
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Created an EmployeeWorkLocationOverride PATCH API end point to update one or more work location override configurations at the org payroll setup level. This API updates work addresses or states that are used to calculate the taxes for paid earnings for a work assignment. You can update the work location override configurations in Org Setup > Org Payroll Setup > Employee Work Location Overrides.

You can also use the PATCH API to add records to the PRLegalEntityWorkLocationOverride if you are adding a new legal entity override to an existing employee work location override. To do so, you must ensure that the AllowLegalEntityOverride field is set to 1 or that you will update the field to that value in the same PATCH call. Also keep in mind the following fields if you are updating or creating a record:

  • workLocationOverrideXRefCode (When updating an existing record)
  • legalEntityXRefCode (When updating an existing record)
  • EffectiveFrom (When creating a record)
  • locationAddressXRefCode (When updating this field)
  • WorksiteXRefCode (When updating this field)
  • BackBranchAddressXRefCode (When updating this field)
  • CustomerFundingIdentifierXRefCode (When updating this field)

Added Location Name and Reference Code filters to the Org Setup > Org Payroll Setup > Employee Work Location Overrides screen. These filters are helpful for searching the employee work location overrides and location addresses, particularly if your organization has a large number of locations that often change and require updating. You no longer need to scroll in the alphabetic listing of addresses. These filters have the following operators:

  • =
  • <>
  • is null
  • not null
  • contains
  • does not contain
  • begins with
  • ends with

For more information, see "Employee Work Location Overrides" in the Payroll Administrator Guide.


Renamed the Supplemental Cumulative Method option to Cumulative Method in the Tax Method drop-down list of the United States Taxation section in Payroll Setup > Check Templates. The former name was inaccurate because supplemental methods only allow for a regular withholding method or a flat-rate supplemental method. The renaming of this option minimizes any risks that are associated with incorrect configuration, thereby resulting in improper tax withholdings. This renaming clarifies the calculation method if you are configuring check templates.

For more information about the Tax Method drop-down list, see the "Additional Check Template Configurations" section in the "Check Templates and Check Types" topic in the Payroll Administrator Guide.


Added the ability for multiple worksite reporting to respect the state of a work location override or the virtual setting for an employee when their primary work assignment's organization is configured with a worksite. This update eliminates any manual configuration to keep state unemployment insurance (SUI) and multiple worksite reporting in sync when employees have overrides for virtual or work locations.