On-Demand Pay

Dayforce Release Notes version 2023.1.0

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On-Demand Pay
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Improved how the On-Demand Pay (ODP) feature handles ODP payments when employees are retroactively reassigned to a different pay group or legal entity in the middle of the current pay period.

In the On-Demand tab in Payroll > Pay Run Management, when an employee's pay group or legal entity is reassigned, Dayforce will, when possible, automatically void the original ODP request and create a new replacement one that is linked to the new pay group or legal entity. As a result, three entries are displayed in the On-Demand tab: the original ODP request, the auto-void entry, and a replacement ODP request under the new assignment.

These three entries are reported for that employee in the Employee Pay Run History report and in the Payroll Register report. Only one ODP earning statement with the replacement ODP request is displayed to the employee and the payroll administrator.