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Dayforce Release Notes version 2023.1.0

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Updated Hub Designer so that administrators can link learning courses to Quick Link and Featured Link widgets. This way, employees can quickly take courses they need right from Hub without having to navigate elsewhere in Dayforce.

With this update, administrators specify the newly added course details in the Quick Link or Featured Link configuration screens:

  • Type: Choose Learning Course in the drop-down list.
  • Visibility: Learning courses are currently only available on the web application, so the visibility is web only by default.
  • Course: Search for or choose a course from the listed active courses.
  • Title: Enter a title.
  • Description: For Featured Link widgets, optionally add a description for the course.
  • Graphic: For Featured Link widgets, add an icon or image for the course.

configuration screen

If a course has expired or been removed in Dayforce administrators see an error message in Hub Designer. They then must edit the widget to remove the course and add a new learning course if needed.

In Hub, employees can conveniently take their courses right from the Featured Link or Quick Link widget. When they click the link, Dayforce launches the course.


Made several updates and improvements to the Media Library screen in Hub Designer, including:

  • Adjusted the columns to make them more consistent.
  • Updated to show the Rename, Delete, and View buttons when you hover over the column.
  • Changed the Edit button label to Rename.
  • Removed Select from the toolstrip and replaced it with a checkbox for selecting all items.
  • Updated button styles and sort icons.
  • Updated the left navigation so it can be extended and reduced using drag handles.
  • Updated the view so that the application shows all files in a folder, so you no longer have to click through multiple pages.

Updated Hub Designer so that the default appearance cannot be deleted. This update prevents you from having to create an appearance before you create a new hub, if the appearance was deleted.

To support this, when you add a checkmark in the Default field of the appearance dialog box, the checkbox is now read-only:

default appearance read only checkbox

For existing customers, if you don't have a default appearance, the application will designate the first appearance that displays in the Appearance drop-down list as default.

To choose a different default appearance, add a checkmark to the Default checkbox of the appearance you want as default. The application then automatically clears the checkbox of the previous default appearance.

When you add a home page in the Add Home Page dialog box, the default appearance is automatically populated in the Appearance field but you can choose a different one if desired.

For more information, see "Experience Hub Appearances" in the Experience Hub Administrator Guide.