Dayforce Release Notes version 2023.1.0

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Updated Dayforce to trigger errors in People when there are issues with an employee’s balance periods. Now, when an employee has overlapping balance periods or a gap in balance periods, the application triggers errors in the Work > Balances screen of their employee profile. These errors occur when, for example, a user manually adds two instances of the same balance in the Actual Balances section with overlapping effective periods or a gap between effective periods. When these issues occur, Dayforce shows warning messages in the Problems panel indicating that the user can’t save their changes until they adjust their balance periods.

For more information, see “Work > Balances” in the Manager Guide.


Added an error message that can appear in the Work > Balances screen of People when users add a long balance transaction comment. Now, when users manually add a comment that exceeds 128 characters in the Actual Balances section, in the Transactions sub-section, Dayforce shows an error message in the Problems panel.


Renamed a mapping object in HR Admin > Employee Data Mapping Rules to better reflect which rate policies you can associate it with in your data mapping rule. When you configure a mapping rule using the Job Step Policy mapping object, you can select either a job step policy or a base rate policy for mapping. To reflect the availability of both options, the Job Step Policy mapping object was renamed Rate Policy.

After you select Rate Policy in the Mapping Object field, both job step and base rate policies appear in the ShortName-XRefCode drop-down list. Select the appropriate policy to set up a rule that maps job step policies or base rate policies, depending on your requirements.

Important: Job step and base rate policies show up in the ShortName-XRefCode drop-down list only if they’re configured with a reference code in Pay SetupJob Rate and Pay SetupBase Rate Set, respectively.

For more information, see “Employee Data Mapping Rules Setup” in the Dayforce Implementation Guide.