Clock Surveys

Dayforce Release Notes version 2023.1.0

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Clock Surveys
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Added new assignment options so that you can assign your employees to clock surveys with more flexibility. Previously, you could assign employees to clock surveys based only on their survey group assignments and whether they had access to a self-service clock (that is, Work > Time Clock). Now, you can assign employees to surveys using additional criteria, including punch policy assignments and org units.

To support this functionality, the following changes were made in Site Setup > Clock Surveys > Survey Setup, in the Audience section, in the Assignments tab:

  • The Punch Policy, Department, and Job settings were added.
  • The Employees section was added, which contains the following settings:
    • The Assigned To All checkbox.
    • The Choose Employees list.
  • In this section, you can either assign all employees or specific employees to the survey. Select the Assigned To All checkbox to assign all employees to the survey. When this checkbox is selected, the Choose Employees setting is grayed out and unavailable. To assign specific employees to the survey, clear the Assigned To All checkbox and select employees in the Choose Employees list. To apply filters and search through your list of employees, click the employee icon ().
  • The Organization setting was added.
  • The Time Clock checkbox was removed.

For more information, see “Clock Survey Configuration” in the Clocks Guide.