Clock Configuration

Dayforce Release Notes version 2023.1.0

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Clock Configuration
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Updated Dayforce to ensure that the MAC addresses for new Dayforce Touch Clock devices in Site Setup > Clock Devices are valid. Now, when you add a new Dayforce Touch Clock, specify a MAC address, and save your changes, the application validates that the MAC address is already configured in the Dayforce database. If the MAC address doesn’t exist in the Dayforce database, the application triggers an error.


Updated the punch acceptance screens that appear on the Dayforce Touch Clock and Clock+ when the clocks are offline. Now, when the clocks are offline and an employee completes a punch successfully, the clocks show the employee’s badge number, the punch type, and the punch time.

To support this update, the localization files for the Dayforce Touch Clock and Clock+ were updated in Site Setup > Clock Configuration, in the Localization tab. The {BADGE}, {PUNCH_TYPE}, and {PUNCH_TIME} tokens were added to the "System.punch_accepted" tag in the <labels> section for each clock type.


Updated the legal consent text that can appear on the Dayforce Touch Clock and Clock+ when employees enroll for biometric or facial verification on the clocks. This text appears on the clocks when the <legal_consent> tag is set to "yes" in the <system> section of the config files.

To support this change, the text for the <bio_consent> and <photo_consent> tags in the <legal_consent> section was updated in Site Setup > Clock Configuration. These tags are located in the Localization tab after you select Dayforce Touch or Clock+ in the Device Type drop-down list.

For more information, see the following topics in the Clocks Guide:

  • “Clock Program Library” in the “Dayforce Touch Clock” section.
  • “Clock Program” in the “Clock+” section.