Attendance Management

Dayforce Release Notes version 2023.1.0

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Attendance Management
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Added the ability to reset an employee’s number of accrued attendance incident points after rehiring or attendance policy assignment changes. Previously, when an employee was rehired or their attendance policy assignment was changed, Dayforce persisted their past attendance incident points and decrements. Now, you can configure Dayforce to ignore this attendance data in these scenarios.

To support this update, the Restart Attendance Points on client property was added in System Admin > Client Properties, in the Properties tab, in the Time and Attendance section. In the drop-down list, select one or both of the following options to configure the scenarios in which Dayforce resets attendance tracking:

  • Attendance Policy Change
  • Rehire

When this functionality is configured and an employee is rehired or assigned to a different attendance policy, the Track Employee Attendance background job needs to run to reconcile the change and reset their attendance points.

For more information, see the following topics in the Dayforce Implementation Guide:

  • “System Admin > Client Properties”
  • “Configure Attendance Management Client Properties”


Added the ability to assign colors to absence pay codes to visually distinguish data in yearly attendance calendars. Now, you can customize the colors that reflect specific attendance information in the following features:

  • People, in the Work > Attendance screen for the loaded employee.
  • Work > Attendance (Year at a Glance).

To support this functionality, the Color Code column was added in Pay SetupPay Code. By default, Dayforce assigns random color coding to absence pay codes in attendance calendars. To customize the color coding, click the field in the Color Code column to assign a pay code a specific color of your choosing. Note that only pay codes configured with the Is Absence checkbox selected appear in attendance calendars:

Note: The Unexplained Absence and Late/Early attendance information is shown by default and you can’t customize the color coding for that data.

Additionally, a filter was added in People in the Work > Attendance screen so that you can filter specific absence codes in the attendance calendar.

For more information, see:

  • “Configure Pay Codes” in the Dayforce Implementation Guide
  • “Work > Attendance” in the Manager Guide
  • “Work > Attendance (Year at a Glance)” in the Employee Guide